autumn leaves on sidewalk
red and green leaves

Brown leaf carrying wind
blows up from the harbor
naked trees and windows shiver
brittle with winter’s barter
muddy blue lapping sea
and my words turning darker
the rich black tendrils of time
wrapped around these thoughts of mine


Spill and pour and leaks galore
sucked dry and bone picked clean
once there was something
now it is gleaned
the same old over and over
and over again

The faint remembering scent
the hum of a motor in the distance
a slow descending spiral
going lower mile by mile
year after year after year

Time, yes
when time runs out of rhyme
it turns on a dime
and goes round and round the clock
tick tock
you lose your sock
a stationary rock
will always fall
winter spring summer

Yellow, red and tenacious green • autumn introduces winter •
which is followed by the spring •

Howl at a hermit moon
fireflies rise to the sky
like sparks out of tune
the trees are owling
hoo hoo
this exquisite night
of tiny sparkling lights
and that semi-omnipresent moon
is phasing through its usual loop

leaves on sidewalk