autumn leaves on lawn

Little fingers curled on wire
hanging off the chain link fencing
to gaze over and alone
at the last row
of private houses
the roofs deeply sloping
so quiet in autumn
rose petals crumpled
with their thorns still threatening
leaves chasing tail
wind circles in the corner
like wild by the swings

yellow leaves against a blue sky

Hey Autumn

Just about a week ago I sniffed inside a bag of apples
and I smelled autumn
it came in a rush of orange ochre leaves
and soothing northern breezes
hey autumn, I think I’m going to love you
I should have known you were coming
when I walked in the Boston rain
and everyone huddled to stay warm
and the pond was smothered with fall color
your sweet, cool air breathed pleasure
and freedom from a hot dull summer

Oh, I know that many curse your name
but autumn, don’t listen to their complaints
don’t bring on winter in your shame

autumn trees

Upriver the solitude flows like a stream in silver sage greens and desert sky blue cottonwood branches prepare to drop and disown leaves within a few weeks but for this very moment all is quiet and serene...

orange maple leaves